Selling Guide

Selling Guide Infographic

Start the legal process

1. Once you have accepted an offer you will need to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. Speak with us about this as we have verified independent solicitors that can help.

2. You will need to share your contact information with key parties including solicitors and agents for anti-money laundering checks. You will also need to provide evidence of the title of your property to confirm your legal ownership, rights, restrictions and third party interests.

3. Your solicitor will send you forms for the buyer which will be included within the buyer’s contract pack. This will include information on fixtures and fittings, planning permission, building regulations, any safety certificates and guarantees. Once all the information has been collected, your solicitor will send the contract pack to the buyer’s solicitor.

4. Your solicitor will apply for the title deeds and will contact your mortgage provider for a statement about the amount still owed for the property, up to the date you are due to complete.

5. You will be sent the contract and transfer deed to sign ready for exchange of contracts.

6. Your solicitor will receive any additional enquires from the buyer’s solicitor. These will be sent to you for further instruction which you will answer with your solicitor.

7. You will need to send your signed contract and transfer to your solicitor.

8. Your solicitor will send the signed transfer deed to the buyer’s solicitor, legally transferring ownership of the property.

9. The buyer’s solicitor will confirm that all enquires have been answered

Exchange of contracts

10. A call will be made to both you and the purchaser, to confirm that exchange of contracts can be made. A completion date, also known as the moving date, will be confirmed at this stage. This date will form part of the contract and as such it is no longer possible to change the agreement or withdraw without a financial penalty.

11. A financial statement will be prepared based on the final settlement figure from your mortgage provider for the outstanding sum on the property and commission from us. Your solicitor will arrange this.


12. Once the money for the sale has been received by your solicitor the sale will be legally completed and any remaining paperwork will be sent to the buyer’s solicitor.

13. When all the money has cleared in your solicitor’s account you must move out of the property as you are no longer legally the owner.

14. Your solicitor will call us to arrange for the keys to be handed over to give to the buyer.

15. Your solicitor will arrange for payment of your old mortgage and our fees. The outstanding balance from the sale will then be paid to you.